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Small changes for big gains 💪

From the Prismic team, we've got 14 actionable tips for improving your productivity as a developer.

There's some great tidbits in this post, all around being proactive, using existing resources where possible to avoid re-inventing the wheel unnecessarily, and trying to laser focus on one thing at a time to smash tasks.

I like at the very end, they've mentioned the most important thing, which is taking care of yourself and your health. At the end of the day, we're all human, and if you're not taking care of yourself, there's no point trying to push the pedal harder.

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Minor changes to the tools you use, the way you focus, and how you approach your work can make a world of difference in developer productivity. Here’s everything I know to be a developer who gets things done without burning out.

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Alex Trost from Prismic Blog

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What's Good on GitHub?

Omni is an extension that supercharges your browser by adding a general purpose search box, similar to Spotlight on macOS. You can type in almost anything to fuzzy search tabs/history, or perform actions quickly. Omni integrates with common third party tools you likely use for work, such as Notion to perform common actions quickly, like creating a new page.

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4,678 stars ⭐️

The all-in-one tool to supercharge your productivity ⌨️

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Pomodoro timers are a classic way to keep yourself on track and stay productive. Pomatez is a tool designed to help you set timers to stay focused on your work during that time period, as well as set times to take breaks so you know when to stop and start working. It's available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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1,873 stars ⭐️

Stay Focused. Take a Break.

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Roldan Montilla Jr roldanjr

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